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Investor Visa

The Investor Visa also known as Business Visa is intended at individuals with a proven track record in business and with an unpretentious focus to own a business abroad. The business can be a fresh venture or an existing overseas business that can be acquired through investment/purchase Immigration through the route of investment has several advantages like tax benefits, another residency status, business expansion without disrupting the already existing business. The Immigrant Investor Program has been devised to entice potential investor immigrants that havethe required personal net worth and managerial experience. In our resources section some of these programs have been explained in detail. ABCS visa facilitation services takes care of all the documentation and visa process is handled by qualified team of consultants and facilitated by regulated & accredited immigration lawyersthat guide you on all requirements to enable you to successfully get a visa. A lot of countries are inviting investor visa applicants like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and New Zealand etc.

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