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Franchise Enquiry


We are a 360 degree career enhancement company and that includes delivering quality learning and skill development solutions. With over a decade of experience in people management and development, our programs carry forward our experience and are strictly industry centric and focused on developing skills for global employability. Unemployment is not only confined to developing world but in this volatile economic environment it has become a global pain area for the younger generation. More than half of the employers struggle to find entry-level skilled workforce whereas there are plenty of unemployed entry-level workers in the market. We at ABCS are trying to bridge this gap by imparting language and soft skills to the unemployed entry-level skilled workforce so as to enable them to enhance their careers.


  1. ABCS has experience of more than 12 years in career enhancement services.
  2. We have serviced several national and multinational companies like American Express, IBM, EXL, HCL, Keane, Wipro, GECIS, Bharti-TeleTech etc. over the last decade and have strong credentials in providing HR Services and Solutions.
  3. We have active contracts with Indian and Multinational companies that will ensure business from the first day of your association.
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  5. We are New Zealand Specialized Agent for providing student services.
  6. We have tie ups with several Overseas Universities and Colleges for providing Student Recruitment Services.
  7. We are IELTS Registration Centre for the British Council.
  8. We offer reasonable return on investment (ROI)..
  9. We offer low risk business model.
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  11. We have MARA registered agent/s on our panel for providing Australian Migration Services.
  12. We have New Zealand based lawyer/s on our panel for providing New Zealand Migration Services.
  13. ABCS has won many industry awards for its expertise & experience in providing quality services and that will translate to you as our franchisee.
  14. We have strong print and electronic media tie ups for preferential rates and placements of our advertisements that will ensure savings on advertisement investment.
  15. We have highly educated and experienced team of professionals that will train you and your team and provide operational support.
  16. All the administration/support tasks are centrally handled by ABCS head office that enables the franchisee to focus on operations.
  17. ABCS will continually reinforce its distinctive brand image through online marketing and social media channels.

Our Basic Requirements:

ABCS INTERNATIONAL is committed to providing quality services and we expect the same from our franchise. Some important criteria you need to meet in order to be considered as a franchise prospect are:

  1. Commitment to deliver value and quality consistently.
  2. Own a commercial or converted/convertible office space of minimum 500Sq.Ft. (Carpet Area).
  3. You must be a Graduate/Post-Graduate from a recognized university.
  4. Must be willing to invest a minimum of INR10-15 lakhs for infrastructure, software, hardware & staff. Investment depends on the area of operations.
  5. Commitment to manage day-to-day operations in the Franchisee.

If you meet our specifications mentioned above, please write to us with the following (mandatory) details and we will get back to you soon.

  1. Name(s) of one or all the owners of the office space.
  2. Postal Residential Address, Contact Numbers and email id of the owner/owners
  3. Postal Address of the Retail Space
  4. Office Space Area (Carpet Area in square feet)
  5. Highest Education Qualification Transcripts 
  6. Photographs of your location
  7. Demographics of the catchment area

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