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Permanent Residency(PR)

Permanent residencyvisa signifies the visa status where the applicant is allowed to reside indefinitely within a country of which he or she is not a citizen.The applicant on getting such visa becomes a permanent resident. Every country does not essentially permit or have provisions for someone to be a 'permanent resident'. Rights and application procedures vary widely. Permanent residents may be needed to satisfy certain residence requirements to maintain their status. In some cases, permanent residency may be provisional on a certain type of employment or maintenance of a business.Permanent residents may be needed to reside in the country offering them residence for a given minimum length of time (Ex: Australia and Canada).

Permanent residents normally have the same rights as citizens (Varying from country to country) except for the following:

  • Permanent Residents may not vote. (New Zealand & Belgium allow PR visa holders to vote)

  • Permanent Residents may not stand for Public Office.

  • Public Sector employment is restricted for Permanent Residents. (Some countries like New Zealand & Canada allow it)

  • Military employment is restricted for Permanent Residents till they become citizens. (Except countries like Singapore)

  • Purchasing property is restricted to housing/limited category of real estate.

  • Permanent Residents are not issued the passport of that country till they qualify to apply for citizenship after meeting a specified period of residence.

  • There is shortage of skilled workers in many countries that attract foreign workers and gives pathways for them to settle down permanently. Some of these countries are Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway and New Zealand. The permanent residency allows the applicant to enjoy benefits like international work experience, better standard of living, free healthcare, children’s education and unemployment benefits. As most of these countries are scarcely populated, there is immense opportunity to enjoy the clean environment and develop your potential as an individual to a give a better lifestyle to your loved ones. To know about your eligibility to apply,Contact Us Today